White stuff…


I´m back with a new post!
So I had my eye on a little shoe rack for quite some time now and it was in sale so I bought it. It was originally €8, but it was reduced to half price so I got it for €4 in the Blokker. It’s actually a little bit useless and a waste of money but I think it makes my room more fancy. You can only put three pair of shoes on it so that’s not that many. It made of metal with a white paint finished look. Either way I love it very much. I uploaded a few pictures to show you the result!


I’ve put three decent shoes on the rack and it looks fancy. I have a lot of shoes but some pairs I never wear. It happens to rain a lot in The Netherlands and I don’t want to get the pretty ones dirty. I often ride a bicycle and don’t own a car. I sometimes do however wear high heels or new shoes at home because it gives me an awesome feeling. Don’t know if I’m the only one who feels that way but oh well…

Another thing I wanted to get for a really long time was a bookshelf. I have one in my room, but it’s stuffed with school things that it just looks awful. My mum bought me a new bookshelf and it’s from Ikea. I love Ikea but I never go there because like I said I don’t own a car and can’t buy heavy things to transport them to my home.. hehehehe. There’s an option to let Ikea send the item to your home but I think that’s expensive. My mother asked a friend to buy and transport the bookshelf to me ^^ I’m so happy. It’s the shelf from the EXPEDIT collection and it’s made of wood with a white coating thingyy. It’s has 4×4 shelves and it was €80. I think that’s quite reasonable for such a cute bookcase.

DSC04940 DSC04941Here are some pictures of the empty bookcase. It was difficult to shoot a good picture of the shelf but I hope you get the idea. So this morning I put some of my stuff in it and this is how it turned out. I’m not done with decorating and stuff but this is how it looks right now. I do have to admit that there aren’t many book in it as it supposed to be. Ahahahah  well later this month I will go to a sort of book market where there will be a lot of reduced books and crafting stuff. I promise I will post my haul after I visited it.


Don’t mind the junk around my bookcase XD I didn’t want to photoshop those things out.. It’s all about the bigger picture right? I hope you like my new bookcase just as much I love it!
When I have my own big house I definitely want many books and awesome shelves to put them in. I also want those secret hidden chambers behind an antique looking bookcase! I sure will hide there when I don’t want to be found.
Well that was it for today! I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Love & Kisses,



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